‘Sugarfree’ and Tasteless

There is a recent trend in the Assamese music industry of "modernising" Bihu songs, that I find extremely hard to understand. Bihu songs these days have a Honey Singh-esque rap in the middle about Sira-bhaat, doi-bhaat that make zero sense to me. Do we really need Rap Bihu/Hip Hop Bihu? Or is it just an... Continue Reading →


Bulbul Can Sing (and scream Patriarchy): On Growing Up

I recently had the opportunity to watch Rima Das’s critically acclaimed movie ‘Bulbul Can Sing’ in India Habitat Centre, Delhi. I had thoroughly enjoyed her last movie ‘Village Rockstars’, India’s official entry to the 2019 Oscars, and was eagerly looking forward to watching her use her abundance of talent to create another visually engaging experience.... Continue Reading →

Mission China – An Honest Review

Having eagerly awaited its release since it's trailer launch, I finally went to watch Mission China, Zubeen Garg's magnum opus, yesterday (Day 2 of the release), with a group of 19 people - families and children included, who wouldn't normally go to the dingy single screen movie theatre we have in our tiny town, with... Continue Reading →

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